Lilly Lee Jackson (few_are_chosen) wrote in missbeyonce,
Lilly Lee Jackson

Yall please forgive me of this - cuz I already forgave myself but I juss had to post this. I laughed so loud yall - whew! Now yall know I love them all but I had to spread this. Juss check it out.

Destiny NOT Fulfilled.

title or description

During a performance on BET earlier today, the newest member of Destiny's Child makes a trip, dropping it like its hot. Poor little Michelle tripped and fell to her doom leading to her inevitable banishment from the group. Oh I wonder what the other two were thinking.

Beyonce: We're going to have to beat the shit out of that bitch for ruining MY performance!
Kelly: Motherfucker tryed to take me down with her as well.
Beyonce: I miss Latoya, and that other girl. The one with the red hair. Fuck this weave is itching! Shit! Where is my oil sheen Solange?
Kelly: Should have settled for a nose job, like me.
Beyonce: Bitch you are hating on me because I have more booty than you and you had to have silicone implants just to get the little bit you do have.
Kelly: Yours is only that big because Jay-Z fucked it so many times!
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